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Zeke Shaw


    ResearchCrowd is proud to work with our friend and colleague, Zeke Shaw, Founder and Director of Zeke Shaw Indigenous Consultancy (ZSIC).

    Zeke and his team are well-respected for their unique approach to delivering cultural consultancy solutions for government, non-government, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and Aboriginal Foster Children Out Of Home Care (OOHC).

    And Zeke has DEADLY Values!

    D    Dedicated to achieving
    E    Enthusiastic about working with others
       Authentic to the ZSIC brand
    D    Delivery of genuine services
       Love for the work they do
       Yawarra (care) for culture

    Learn more about Zeke Shaw Indigenous Consultancy by clicking here.

    And, if you love the artwork, on Zeke Shaw’s website, contact Trudy Sloane via one of the following:

    • Bigmobs Artwork:
    • 0427786117