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WIF Inspiring 2021

    WIF Inspiring 2021

    The World Indigenous Forum (WIF) is the world’s largest indigenous focussed event. It brings together world leaders, governments, impact investors and indigenous businesses to create partnerships for a fairer future.

    Day 1 of the 2021 Forum has been an inspiring experience in every sense of the word.

    Working in partnership with Engage Works, the Forum brought us together in an immersive virtual experience. The platform combined the best of physical events and digital experiences to deliver unrivalled engagement and collaboration for investors and businesses. 

    As for the Forum Speakers, in a word, inspiring! 

    Tamara Lakomy, Native of Touareg Amazigh nation, and Chair of this year’s Forum, had the following to say in her opening remarks.

    We have brought together, we the indigenous and those with a mind for social investments, regenerative finance, for models that are sustainable and just, for models that do not seek to exploit but seek to consolidate, seek to create a wholesome and just means of living and prospering.

    Click here to learn more about the World Indigenous Forum.

    Walking through the virtual market-place in this highly bespoke user experience, we got to listen, learn and network with peers and colleagues. 

    And, best of all, we still have Day 2 to go.