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Star of Taroom

    Once lockdown is over, join ResearchCrowd on this symbolic walk, or part thereof, to return the Star of Taroom to its homeland – Iman Country. The Star of Taroom is a groove stone – a symbol of the restoration we need to heal Australia. 

    John Danalis initiated this walk and welcomes all Australians to join him.  

    The Star of Taroom weighs 100 kilos and the walk is 500 kilometres long.

    Forty-five years ago, this very special Aboriginal groove stone was pulled from the earth with a tractor, loaded into a ute and removed from Iman Country. This July it’s going home. Join us as we push, pull and walk the Star of Taroom 500km across the backroads and backblocks of South East Queensland.

    We start on 5th July and finish on 24th July. There are four ways to walk-with-us.

    There will be a special acknowledgements as we pass through the lands of the Yaggera, Gubbi Gubbi, Waka Waka, and Barunggam welcomed by the Elders and including a visit to Cherbourg.

    To join the walk, register here.

    For more information, see here.